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All or Nothing Performance Player Exposure Game Plan


Develop player Skills

Our first objective is to help you reach your goal of playing at the next level.  In order to do this we feel it is critical to start the player development process as soon as possible.  This is why our programs cover athletes very early in their career.  There are several ways All or Nothing Performance accomplishes this goal but we realize the MOST important is to support your coaches and their organizations.  We seek to accomplish this through our non profit program NonProfits4YouthSports.  Through this program we work to empower organizations by providing information to help them run more efficiently and become financially secure.  This gives ownership and coaches the resources to provide the equipment  and facilities that allows top tier training and development for their athletes.  It also allows less stress focusing on the organization and allows them more time to train, develop and mentor their athletes.  The next objective to meet this goal is to provide quality opportunities for athletes to work on their skills and receive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.  This is critical because if they want to play at the next level they have to know what areas to work on.  In addition, our events or partnered events provide fair, instructive and competitive opportunities from highly qualified individuals.  Our focus is providing opportunities such as the AAU Select Tour and Sport Combine Events.      



At All or Nothing Performance we strive to provide quality & safe events that allow the best opportunity for our athletes to showcase their skills.  To ensure standardization, fair and structured events we have partnered to offer sporting events sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).  If you see an event advertised on this website you can be assured we do not cut corners and that the event will follow AAU Rules and Guidance.  There are two ways events can be advertised on this website.  One way is we host it and the other way is we have partnered with an AAU District to advertise their events and the event operator has agreed to follow all AAU Rules and Guidance to host the event.  

All or Nothing Performance is a  Non-Profit 501(c)3 that uses our events to help support the many programs that are listed on this website.  By attending and supporting our events you are not only helping us meet our goals and mission statement but you are giving back to your organization, your athletes and the many sports organizations that support athletes like you.  We challenge you to consider this when choosing which events to attend.  We feel confident that no organization is using event profits to give back as much as we do.  

If you choose to attend our events just follow these steps:

  • Visit our website: 
  • Click on Sports-Registration
  • Pick a Sport
  • Click on Upcoming Events or Register and select an Event
  • Make sure you register whether you pay online or CashApp so you receive the Event Package and other important information.


PROVIDE ALL ATLETES the opportunity to have a player profile and an equal chance to be recruited

EVERY athlete should have an equal opportunity to be recruited and hopefully have a chance to attend college.  Based on  current athlete opportunities this is not always the case.  Many athletes without financial resources can not afford quality player profiles with video, grading, etc....  They lack the ability to attend camps and events which are seen by college scouts.  Through your support and attendance at our events, you allow us to fund this program and ensure all athletes regardless of financial or economical hardships receive a player profile and the opportunity for their information to be seen by as many college coaches as possible.  This is a FREE service provided to our athletes and the college coaches that are looking for quality additions to their programs.