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Sports Reporter Intern Track

Program Information

  • Non-Paid Internship
  • Schedule is extremely flexible  
  • Intern is responsible to ensure ALL school requirements are met.
  • Applicants should be actively enrolled in an Athletic Trainer program in a college/university within NC or SC.
  • Intern will work closely with All or Nothing Performance and NCAAU and/or SCAAU to develop and implement strategies to reduce player injury and improve programs to support AAU organizations
  • Intern should be self motivate
  • Most collaboration will be done through Google Meet
  • Intern Track Assignments & Documents will be available in Google Class Room

Intern Responsibilities

Sports reporters respond to current sporting events including game scores and outcomes, player injuries, sports personalities, changes in team structure and other related topics. Like journalism professionals, sports reporters must check their facts and report the most current information available.

Sports reporters work varied hours depending on game, coaches or athletes availability. They typically work weekends when many sporting events take place.

Sports Reporters may have any of the following duties:

  • Report on current sporting news.
  • Attend sporting events and observe for the news report.
  • Write up detailed notes concerning details about sporting events.
  • Interview sports personalities including athletes and coaches.
  • Fact check details related to sports news reports.

Enthusiasm for the sports industry and the skills to communicate effectively as a news reporter are vital qualities of a successful sports reporter. The ability to networking among sports professionals improves opportunities for success.  Interns will have the opportunity to have their articles published locally, regionally and at the national level.

Program Contact

Rob Ramsay

Executive Director

Phone: 704-661-5107

All or Nothing Performance
PO Box 121
Cleveland, NC  27013