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Non-Profit - Grant Writing Intern Track

Program Information

  • Commission Paid Internship
  • Schedule is extremely flexible  
  • Intern is responsible to ensure ALL school requirements are met.
  • Applicants should be actively enrolled in an Athletic Trainer program in a college/university 
  • Intern will work closely with All or Nothing Performance to develop and implement strategies to reduce player injury and improve programs to support AAU organizations
  • Intern should be self motivate
  • Most collaboration will be done through Google Meet
  • Intern Track Assignments & Documents will be available in Google Class Room

Intern Description

Nonprofit grant writers work to secure funding for organizations by writing grant proposals and providing support materials. 

Essential Information

Nonprofit organizations have distinct purposes and operate independently from the government. They support numerous and diverse causes, from the environment to human rights. Grant writers use their skills to secure funding for these causes. These professionals typically have a bachelor's degree in communications or a similar field and may wish to obtain certification to enhance their career prospects.

Required Education Bachelor's degree in communications, English, writing or similar field
Other Requirements Excellent grammar and strong research skills needed; knowledge of the nonprofit's particular field may be preferred by employers

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Nonprofit Grant Writer Intern Track Description

Grant writing can be a fast-paced profession. Grant writers may work on several projects at once under tight deadlines. Policies and online submission processes change frequently. The availability of funding also fluctuates, so grant writers must develop a diversified network of funding organizations. 

Intern Job Duties

AONP Interns will prepare grant proposals, beginning by performing research. To develop their proposals, interns will familiarize themselves with an organization's programs, goals and financial needs. They also look into potential funding sources. After compiling all the information they need, grant writers compose and send their proposals.

Interns must also keep careful records to track their proposals. If a grant-making organization requests additional information, interns will help supply the missing items. Interns may have additional duties, which may include managing volunteers, working with an executive board, planning fund-raising campaigns and promoting the organization through public relations work.

Nonprofit grant writers need skills to meet tight deadlines, and they have to be able to do extensive research. They also need to have excellent grammar skills, and the ability to familiarize themselves with an organization's goals and needs. If you feel you are a good fit register and let us get you started.

Program Contact

Rob Ramsay

Executive Director

Phone: 704-661-5107

All or Nothing Performance
PO Box 121
Cleveland, NC  27013