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Graphic Design Intern Track

Intern Responsibilities

  • Translating client needs and branding strategies into design strategies
  • Designing visual concepts using graphic design tools including design software
  • Selecting colors, fonts, photographs, layouts and other design elements to communicate creative concepts
  • Collaborating with Sports Directors, Event Directors, interns, All or Nothing Performance, AAU and other professionals to create media
  • Articulating and pitching design concepts to clients

Program Information

  • Paid & Non-Paid Internship opportunities
  • Schedule is extremely flexible  
  • Intern is responsible to ensure ALL school requirements are met.
  • Applicants should be actively enrolled in a Graphic Design or similar  program in a college/university within NC or SC.
  • Intern will work closely with All or Nothing Performance and NCAAU and/or SCAAU to develop products to support AAU and increase its' visual presence on the web, social media, 
  • Intern should be self motivated  
  • Most collaboration will be done through Google Meet
  • Intern Track Assignments & Documents will be available in Google Class Room

Program Contact

Rob Ramsay

Executive Director

Phone: 704-661-5107

All or Nothing Performance
PO Box 121
Cleveland, NC  27013